Plastic Armor

(Without Burning Your Legs)
Many advise heating 55 gal. barrel plastic (or the commercial plastic product) in the oven and then applying
it to the appropriate part of the body.
Thank God they don't do this to make their cup!
I too went thru this agony for many months, emitting toxic fumes, burning my body parts and parts of
others, getting melted plastic all over the interior of my wife's oven. This is no way to make armor!

To make armor from plastic, it should be formed at a relatively low heat. To control the process, I do
the following:

One last note: It's actually easier to make armor out of aluminum (if you must have it lightweight) than it is out of plastic. And it looks a whole lot better. Try it both ways, and that way you'll have a loaner suit for the next guy, too.

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